What's the Point?

What's the Point?

November 21, 2022

Three of the top questions I get asked during my first conversation with a prospective client are:

  1. Is what I am doing enough?
  2. How are all the pieces going to come together?
  3. What other things should I be thinking about?

Not knowing the answers to these questions causes indecision. You’re kind of on autopilot, doing some of the things you know you should be doing and hoping that it all works out at the end. This may work out for you, but it may not. Hope is not a plan! And what about the question burning in the back of your mind – the one that maybe you haven’t even shared with your spouse or said out loud to yourself. Such as ….

Questions that start with: Is it possible to ...? Or declarations that begin with: If I could, I would …

If you had to fill in these blanks, what would you say?

Lumina and I recently had an epiphany in the form of four short words that we felt embodied the essence of the work that we do with our SMB clients:

Clarity to Take Action

Sure, we help clients create savings and investing plans, fund their children’s or grandchildren’s tuition, retire, and pursue other financial goals. But ultimately, we believe that the greatest value we can provide is the clarity needed to act because it is this action that enables our clients to work toward their goals.

Here are a few examples of existing clients who have made bold moves because they had the clarity to act:

  • Retired at the age of 59. This took planning and savings because at the age of 59 you are not yet eligible to collect Social Security or qualify for Medicare.

  • Quit W-2 corporate job to set up a private practice, making more money and working fewer hours. Not being a W-2 employee meant a loss of benefits, so research was needed to replace health insurance coverage, life and disability coverage, and set up a self-employed retirement plan.

We want you to be the hero of your financial story and we are here to be your guide on your adventure. Our role is to give you space to find clarity by understanding your goals, discussing options, and being a sounding board so you can choose actions aligned with those goals.

Clients, what do you think of our tagline? Can you think of an example of how our work together caused you to act in a beneficial way or that you would not have otherwise done? I genuinely want to know – please email me!