How We Work


No Minimums

While some firms require a minimum amount of investable assets, we don’t believe in that philosophy and welcome the chance to serve you, regardless of your account size. 


You get personalized and impartial advice based on your unique situation, time horizon, financial objectives, risk preferences and tax considerations. We don’t have any quotas or proprietary products, so we only recommend the products and services you need.


We offer fee-only advisory services, a flat fee for financial planning strategies and hourly rates for financial advice. 


We prefer meeting with clients at least annually and can offer flexibility in how you choose to work with us–virtually or in person.

What We Cover

Together, we’ll develop strategies to address your financial questions, which may include:

  • When can I retire?
  • Is my portfolio diversified?
  • Can I afford to send my child to college?
  • How do I effectively manage my assets?
  • How do I get started with an estate plan?
  • How can I leave a legacy for my loved ones?
  • What’s the risk in my investment portfolio?
  • How can I maximize my Social Security benefits?
  • What should I do with my old 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan?
  • How can I make charitable contributions in a tax efficient way?
  • How can I create a steady stream of income that lasts through retirement?

What should you look for in a financial advisor?

Your personal financial circumstances, goals, and personality can each help determine what type of advisor or firm would suit you best. More than anything, though, you need to work with someone who you completely trust.