Blog Post: I don't have a job

Blog Post: I don't have a job

February 18, 2020

I don’t have a job, I have a mission

I recently shared some exciting news - I have been asked to serve on LPL’s Advisor Council. I am one of 24 out of approximately 16,000 LPL Financial advisors. WOWZA! Talk about a pinch me moment!

So Sarin, what does this new role entail?

Well, this role is a volunteer position. Responsibilities and commitments include:

  • Typical membership tenure of 3 years
  • Attend 3 out of office meetings a year with significant advance preparation
  • Participate in ad hoc feedback opportunities throughout the year varying from a simple survey to joining an ongoing pilot
  • Connect with my peers at LPL to collect insights and help bring forward the perspectives of other LPL advisors to enhance our partnership with LPL

It is a tremendous honor and an exciting opportunity for me. As an advisor who has experienced 20% growth year over year for the last 5 years, I have lots of ideas and opinions to share about how LPL can help me better serve my clients.  As a business owner, I feel I am often too focused on the day-to-day so, selfishly, I am looking forward to having a macro view of where LPL and the industry is headed.  I think it will be beneficial for me and a value add for my clients.

Speaking of clients, here are some of their reactions to the press release:

“Congratulations, Sarin! Keep shining!”

“Congratulations! Keep working your magic.”

“Congratulations, Sarin! Well deserved! Your fans …”

“Congratulations, Sarin!! Very exciting! I’m so proud of you!”

“Enjoy the Council and give them some great input. One of 24 out of 16,000 is an honor.”

THIS! This is exactly why I love my job. In fact, if we are being open and honest, I don’t have a job – I have a mission. My mission is to demonstrate to my clients that I am 100% committed to your success. I want you to know that you are working with a capable and driven professional who is always eager to learn and who always has your best interest in mind.   

I don’t take my position lightly. The goals that that I work on with my clients are paramount. So thank you to all of my clients for allowing me to share my expertise and trusting me to guide you step by step while working towards your goals. By serving on the LPL Advisor Council, I hope to enhance the LPL client experience, whether on a small scale in my Lexington Center office or a large scale nationwide across all LPL affiliated offices.