Overcast Clouds but Full Hearts

Overcast Clouds but Full Hearts

October 24, 2022

On October 1st, SMB hosted our Open House. Although we officially moved into the new office in March, it took us a bit to get settled – mostly we were just waiting on the office furniture to be delivered which didn’t happen until August. No thank you to continued supply chain issues!

I know so many of you wanted to come but it was a busy day full of soccer games, mini-get away’s and weddings so I thought I would bring a little piece of the Open House to you.

The first to arrive was the Chicken and Rice Guys food truck and my boys, Sam and Christian, had to wait patiently for them to get set up.

Before our guests arrived, Liana, Lumina and I made sure to take our picture in front of the step and repeat banner – decorated with a gorgeous balloon arch by my very talented friend and client Tamar Iskenderian. 

To be honest, the rest of the time felt like a complete blur and 2 hours passed in a matter of what felt like minutes. I distinctly remember turning around at one point to the office packed with people and just feeling absolutely blown away by the outpouring of love and support.

I texted a few friends the next day to say thank you for stopping by and apologizing for not having a chance to chat with them. One of them responded saying: “Yesterday was all about YOU and celebrating your success and seeing your vision come to reality. It was so nice to be a part of it, see all of your support and feel the great vibe. You have built something very special that is more than just a business. It truly felt like a community.”

For me, that translated into mission accomplished! Nurturing and fostering our SMB community is part of the core mission of the work that we do. In last month’s blog, I shared that every client know at least two other clients – a statistic we are very proud of and a trend we look forward to growing.  

I hope this blog gave you have a little sense of what it felt like to be at the Open House. We have uploaded all the pictures on our Facebook page - click here to see all the pictures.

We also have a quick video recap which you can watch by clicking here.

Every day we walk into the office and are reminded of what a great time we had at the Open House thanks to all the beautiful plants, flowers, and orchids we received. Our office feels like a garden center, and we love it!

Thank you for being part of our vibrant community! We look forward to hosting more client appreciation events in the future!