11 Jan
January Book Club


We invite you to join us to have a discussion about The Celebrants by Steven Rowley. We are so excited to share this book with you all, and to hear your thoughts on it.

It’s been a minute—or five years—since Jordan Vargas last saw his college friends, and twenty-eight years since their graduation from Berkeley when their adult lives officially began. Now Jordan, Jordy, Naomi, Craig, and Marielle find themselves at the brink of a new decade, with all the responsibilities of adulthood, yet no closer to having their lives figured out. Though not for a lack of trying. Over the years they’ve reunited in Big Sur to honor a decades-old pact to throw each other living “funerals,” celebrations to remind themselves that life is worth living—that their lives mean something, to one another if not to themselves.

But this reunion is different. They’re not gathered as they were to bolster Marielle as her marriage crumbled, to lift Naomi after her parents died, or to intervene when Craig pleaded guilty to art fraud. This time, Jordan is sitting on a secret that will upend their pact.

"A Big Chill for our times . . . Funny, tender, and incredibly moving, [The Celebrants] is a life-affirming, powerful ode to friendship that will inspire you to reconnect with your own treasured friends." —Serendipity Magazine

"This funny, poignant, heartfelt novel is a testament to the importance of friendship, especially when life gets hard." —Good Housekeeping

"Rowley has created such living, breathing characters that the heartbreaking truth—this is a book about a character’s impending death—is truly heartbreaking. . . . I kept Kleenex in business while reading this book, but I also laughed a whole lot. It’s the sort of heartwarming story that makes me want to ring up my pals for a much-needed visit." —Reader’s Digest 

If you have discussion questions ready that you don't want to forget, add them to the comments on your RSVP form!

There will be ample seating and refreshments available as well.

Date and Time

Thu, Jan 11, 2024

6:30p - 8:00p EST


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