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"We started with Sarin many years ago, and stayed with her when she started her own company. It was one of the better decisions we made as we moved toward retirement. Sarin made sure to know us, to understand us and our family and then 'partnered ' with us over the years to help us get to retirement. Sarin continues to support us and our family as we move through this stage of our life journey."

-Barry M.

"We've worked with SMB Financial Strategies for about five years and have found that it's a completely different experience than other financial advisors. Sarin took the time to get to know us personally and has continued to strengthen that relationship and trust even as she's expanded her business and team. We know we can get guidance from SMB for any issue that arises, and we'll never feel like we're asking a "dumb question." We enjoy our regular check-ins, understand our finances better now than we ever have, and feel secure in the knowledge that SMB is skillfully managing our investments."

-Sara M.

"I started working with Sarin 16 years ago. She had a table at a road race and I was long overdue in getting my financial afffairs in order, so I stopped by. I was impressed with her youthful (at the time!) enthusiasm, but even more so with her expertise and ability to convey clearly what I should do to get started. Not knowing how to get started is at the root of much procrastination. Now I had no more excuses!"

-Jeanne B.

"I reached out to Sarin many many moons ago because I knew starting to save early in life makes retirement a reachable goal..I met her...loved her attention to detail and congeniality and have been thrilled ever since. I've been impressed with her work ethic, and I have recommended her to Numerous friends and family members and she now has many of them as clients :)"

-Dave R. 

"We met Sarin many years ago and her commitment to customer service is exceptional and her honest open approach is needed for many people in the field."

-Mike D.

"From the moment I was introduced to Sarin I knew she stood heads above the crowd. Her honest & magnetic personality captured me and I had been around the block as they say. I listened & decided to learn from her. Thanks Sarin/SMB for taking such good care of me with my finances."

-Anna T.

"Sarin is constantly learning and is up to date on current events and knowledgeable regarding investments. She helps me choose the right ones for my portfolio."

-Cheryl B.

"I was recommended to Sarin from a dear friend. She has helped me tweak my portfolio to fit my current investment needs i.e. setting up for retirement."

-Susan M.

"Our priorities of "family first" in my financial planning are perfectly aligned.  I'm super excited that you are considering contributing to local charities.  This also perfectly aligns with my priorities."

-Jill O.

"Sarin is so interested in her job that it makes her very good at it. She stays in touch, calms my fears when there is a drop in the market, explains things clearly, and has consistently done the best job she can in spite of the roller coaster ride."

-Sandra C.

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